JLB Band

Justina Lee Brown  Afro Funky Blues artist Songwriter Composer Entertainer.

Justina Lee Brown is an award-winning Afro Funky /Blues artist, Songwriter/Composer, and Entertainer.

Nic Niedermann Guitarist Composer Producer Music Teacher

Nic Niedermann is a seasoned Guitarist, composer, producer, and cultural mediator Music studies at the Swiss Jazz School Bern.

Angelo Signore is a highly regarded musician, well known for his versatility and musicality in nearly all music styles –


Thom Wettstein Bass Player Mastering Engineer Mixer

Thom Wettstein is a studied bass player, arranger and qualified mastering engineer. 

David Stauffacher Percussionist Producer Music teacher

David Stauffacher is a professional percussionist; he began playing drums at the age of 9. 

Christof Jaussi is a professional drummer, composer, and lyricist from Bern/Switzerland. 

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