European Blues Challenge

Taking place in Malmö, Sweden, the 10th European Blues Challenge will occur in June 2022 from the 2nd to the 4th. Created in the late 60s, it has grown and evolved to help keep blues music alive. In 2007, the USA showed its admiration towards blues music by instating the Memphis-based Blues Foundation. Later on, other countries, especially European, have contributed in helping the foundation grow.

Up to 24 European nations will be participating in this years challenge. Amongst them, Switzerland confirmed its presence, represented by Justina Lee Brown, a Nigerian Afro Funky /Soul Blues artist, Songwriter/Composer, and Entertainer. After winning the competition in Switzerland she was nominated to participate in the finale of the competition, her talent and creativity are what got her to the podium. The European Blues Challenge had been cancelled due to the covid-19 in March but has now been postponed to this June.

Justina had participated in the International Blues Challenge in 2020 where she finished as a semi-finalist with her band after having won the Swiss Blues Challenge in Basel in 2019. This amazing achievement helped her become a true sensation in the USA where she later on sold out every ticket to her shows in 2020. Her accomplishments do not stop there, after having been awarded the “The Women in Entertainment Award” for “Best African Female voice” in London.

If you wish to learn more on Justina Lee Brown and her musical accomplishments look her up on her CreativInn showroom.

Keeping Blues alive in song and our hearts, over the years the International and European Blues Challenge.

Singing started off as a way to kill time on the street as a child while helping her mother sell “ice water” in the Udo market in Lagos. People rapidly started to notice her and gave out tips to encourage Justina to continue. Knowing her voice brought happiness to passing strangers filled her with joy. A sense of purpose appeared in Justina, she saw an escape out of her misery into a new and alluring world. Through thick and thin, music kept her company whether it was a small melody playing in her head or her emotions taking control of the lyrics like ink flowing on paper. When admiring her ascension onto stage from Nigeria to Europe, you may ask yourself what the key to her success is. The answer from Justina herself: “Honesty, Truthfulness and Kindness are the food every human soul needs.”. These inspiring words show not only the kind hearted person she is, but they are also to be taken as advice to follow your dreams through selflessness and creativity.

Inspired by every genre, Justina Lee Brown’s work takes us on a musical trip down a road of jazz and pop to afro high life music and funky soul blues. Along these various stops her gospel roots often emerge.

With six albums to her name, the latest being “Black and White Feeling” which presents the emotional blend of her journeys and experiences. Her powerful and dynamic voice accompanied by her moving and uplifting shows is the reason Justina and her band were nominated for the finale of The European Blues Challenge while representing Switzerland. This new step is quite an impressing achievement, especially considering the fact that it will be the first time an African Nigerian Women is representing Switzerland for this challenge. In 2019, Justina won the “Women in entertainment Award” in London for “Best African Female Voice”. She and her band then decided to take their music to a deeper international setting by going on tour in 2020 in the USA where they were a big hit.

As a child Justina felt lost and without a real home, today she is proud to state that music is her new home. Through a musical mixture of love, life and emotion, emerges Justina Lee Brown.


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