Concert series in the Lottstetter Engelscheune

Justina Lee Brown

Pata Pata was danced on Saturday in the Engelscheune, where the famous innkeeper and freedom fighter Josef Weißhaar once kept the horses. Justina Lee Brown opened a top-class concert series with a brilliant concert, which Helena Günther is offering in her newly opened Café-Bar Baileyni.

Numerous visitors quickly filled the restaurant and realized that the amiable Justina has music and rhythm in her blood. The Blues Queen also expressed visual elegance in the black mini shiny overalls, fishnet stockings and high heels. In her performance, every movement fit the beat and she quickly created a great atmosphere. Every visitor somehow kept up with the beat, even the nimble service staff danced and rocked behind the counter to the rhythms of funk, soul and blues.

“No Woman no Cry” or “The Lion sleeps tonight” were just a few of the numerous musical highlights. With “Pata Pata” the African joie de vivre spilled over onto the “pale faces”, who were completely over the moon. “She has a tsunami voice,” shouted a compatriot of the singer into the microphone, who came from Zurich and gave a spontaneous singing performance himself. “That’s my music, I’ve never heard anything better in Lottstetten,” enthused Fredi Nussbaum from Lottstetten.


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