Album & Single Releases


Date: 19/09/2019
Album: Black & White Feeling
Available in: CeDe, ex libris, iTune
Genres: Afro Fusion with a touch of Blues, Soul & Funk
Artists: Justina Lee Brown & JLB Live Band
Description: This album is a personal project for Justina and it focuses on her true Story and her Passion. All the new songs, lyrics and melodies belongs to Justina as a songwriter and composer. This album was arraged and produced by Nic Niedermann together with Justina.


Date: 12/11/2016
Single: Tonight
Available in: iTune

Genres: Afro Pop
Artists: Justina Lee Brown
Description: Tonight ( òni ) is a remix of previous song on “My Baby” album. This is an Afro Beat version and am dedicating this to all my African FAN’s who’s been there for me through the days of ‘OMO2SEXY‘.


Date: 25/03/2016
Single: Didn’t I
Available in: iTune
Genres: Pop
Artists: Mario Ferrini & Justina Lee Brown
Description: Didn’t I is a house music collaboration with Justina Lee Brown and Mario Ferrini


Date: 20/04/2015
Album: My Baby
Available in: iTune
Genres: Pop
Artists: Justina Lee Brown
Description: MY BABY album is some of the beautiful songs I wrote back in 2012 when I was in my hospital bed in Germany after a crazy accident that changed my life and everything around me. This was an experience I will never forget and am so grateful that I have the chance to share this piece of me to you all.


Date: 01/01/2013
Album: A Touch of Blues
Available in: iTune
Genres: Blues
Artists: Morblus ft. Justina Lee Brown
Description: Touch Of Blue is my first live blues cd.  The experience together with Morblus in the studio was so powerful! All songs in the cd was in one take and one day of recording. Am blessed to create such piece of music with great music minds.